Specialty Characteristics: this specialty is a newly established specialty of the Ministry of Education. This major takes advanced functional materials as the professional background, paint engineering as the feature, and training excellent engineers as the goal. It adopts the 3 + 1 school enterprise joint talent training mode, i.e. three years of study in school and one year of engineering practice and graduation design in the enterprise (Thesis). Focus on training and mastering the professional knowledge of polymer materials, especially the design, synthesis, preparation, coating and other aspects of coatings, with the ability of development and application of new products, technologies and processes of coatings and engineering practice, and engineering application that can engage in scientific research, technological development, technical services, process design, production, operation and management in the field of polymer materials, especially coatings applied talent.



Main Courses: Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Polymer Physics, Material Science and Engineering Foundation, Research Methods of Polymer Materials, Material Processing Principle and Engineering, Polymer Processing Rheology, Coating Technology, Coating Resin Synthesis Process, Coating Solvent and Additives, Coating Production Equipment, Coating Manufacturing and Application, Coating Material Pigments and Fillers, Safety and Environmental Protection of Coating and Coating, Coating Process and Equipment, Quality Evaluation of Coating and Raw Materials and other theoretical courses and coating related practice courses.



Employment Direction: graduates of this major can be engaged in polymer synthesis and processing, product research and development, production and management, inspection and quality supervision in polymer materials related fields, especially in coating related enterprises, research institutes, design institutes and institutions.