Training Objectives: We should carry out the education policy of all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique and beauty, strengthen the basic theory, highlight professional characteristics, pay attention to the coordinated development of knowledge, ability and quality, integrate theory with practice, strive to achieve a thick foundation, strong ability and high quality, and train excellent pharmaceutical chemistry professionals who meet the requirements of the times and the modern construction of the country.


Specialty Characteristics: The specialty is characterized by the research of chemical medicine synthesis and production process. It mainly studies the basic theories and knowledge of chemistry and pharmacy, based on the professional knowledge of drug synthesis, drug chemistry, drug design, drug metabolism, etc., strengthens the training of professional comprehensive experimental skills, and pays attention to the cultivation of the ability of drug synthesis.


Teaching Staff: This major is subordinate to the Department of pharmaceutical engineering. There are 10 full-time teachers, 1 Professor, 2 associate professors and 7 lecturers. All teachers have doctorates. They come from key universities at home and abroad in organic chemistry, biotechnology and pharmaceutical chemistry. They have rich experience in teaching and scientific research in drug synthesis and new drug research and development.


Teaching Conditions: This major has 370 sets (pieces) of teaching instruments and equipment with a total value of nearly 10 million yuan, which can meet the requirements of experimental teaching and graduation thesis. The internship base mainly consists of dozens of pharmaceutical companies, such as Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries, to provide students with good internship conditions.