Specialty Characteristics: this specialty is the pilot specialty of Excellent Engineer Education and Training Plan of the Ministry of Education, and the pilot specialty of application-oriented undergraduate in Shanghai. With advanced manufacturing industry and new materials as the professional background, rubber and plastic engineering as the feature, the major aims to cultivate excellent engineers with equal emphasis on theory and practice and continuous learning ability. Focusing on the cultivation of engineering application talents who master the professional knowledge of the design, synthesis, modification and preparation of polymer materials, especially rubber and plastic new materials, have the ability of development and application of new products, new technologies and new processes as well as the ability of engineering practice, and can be engaged in scientific research, production, management and other work in the field of polymer materials, especially rubber and plastic.


Main courses: Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Polymer Physics, Polymer Characterization and Testing, Polymer Reaction Principle, Polymer Forming and Processing Basis, Polymer Material and Processing, Rubber Process Principle, etc.


Employment Direction: graduates of this major can engage in polymer synthesis and processing, product R & D and engineering design, production and management, inspection and quality supervision in polymer material related fields, especially rubber and plastic related enterprises, research institutes, design institutes and institutions.