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讲座题目:Multiscale simulations of agitated solid-liquid suspensions

主讲人:Jos Derksen


Jos was educated in the Netherlands where he obtained a PhD degree in Applied Physics from Eindhoven University of Technology in 1991. In 2007, he moved to the University of Alberta, Canada. In 2013, he came back to Europe to work with the University of Aberdeen (UK) and in 2014/2015 Delft University.His research focuses on highly resolved simulations of multiphase flow and transport processes.


Suspending solids in liquid through agitation is a feature of many processes. As is true for many multiphase systems, solids suspension is multi-scale in nature. The behaviour of submillimeter particles is controlled by the flow generated by a thousand times larger impeller. Vice versa, the particles make themselves collectively feel at larger length scale by impacting the rheology of the solids-liquid mixture. Getting this length (and time) scale interaction right is a challenge for modelling and simulation approaches. By using simulations to understand the details at small scale one can try and build closure models that properly account for the way micro-scale phenomena impact the macro scale. The presentation will focus on examples rather than methodology to illustrate the subject of scale interaction as sketched above.

讲座时间:2022.8.24 下午4点

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